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The Funnel That Feels Good

I'm excited to share this powerful program with your tribe... it will compliment anything your business is up to.... and so needed in these interesting times ~ Jennifer
Jennifer McLean
Launch Window Feb 26 - March 18
Important Dates:
  • Feb 26 - March 1: Feel Better Blueprint & Poster
  •  March 1 - 9: Live simulcast video and audio 5-Day Feel Better Challenge (soft cart open)
  •  March 9 - 16: 5-Day Challenge Encore, live interactive Q&A call (harder cart open)
  •  March 15 - 18: Feel Better Heal-a-thon Live interactive Healing, Cart closing sequence most of the of sales will happen here
This 5-Day Feel Better Challenge comes out of 2.5 years of a new model to deliver healing through a unique funnel sequence including LIVE interactive content... that leads into solid conversions. 

It's now here for YOU to generate serious commissions as you guide your tribe to true healing...

Your subscribers will receive a series of profound healing experiences from Feb 26 - March 18 using the healing accelerant that is the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT).

With tens of thousands participating in Spontaneous Transformation healing Intensives, and over 800 certified practitioners... it is becoming a global phenomenon
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Generate commissions on several products...

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Total possible commissions per customer is $365
  •  OTO: earn commission on immediate upsell to own transcripts of 5 Day Challenge
  • Feel Better Mastery Course: Receive commission for each sale of the Mastery course the 5-Day Challenge lead magnet indoctrinates and sells.
  • STT Training: During the Feel Better Mastery Course participants will be invited to take the Spontaneous Transformation Technique Training Course, you get commission on each sale.
  •  STT Certification Course: the next part of the sequence is to invite participants to become certified practitioners.

4 Different segments of Funnel

1) Poster and blueprint
2) Live 5-Day Challenge
3) Heal-a-thon
4) Live Q&A, 5-Day Encore and Close

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